About P2K Gen Z

Prayer 2000 is a Partnership Prayer Ministry that was created and mandated by the Lord, to sufficiently raise the awareness of, the need for, and the Level of Prayer throughout the Society in order to facilitate the Presence-Based Transformation and Revival of our Nation. 2 Chron.  7:12-15 (NLT)

This mandate becomes even more critical as it relates to preparing and propagating a legacy for the next generation. We must lay up wealth for two generations (Pro 13:22). The spiritual wealth can only be passed on when the principles of prayer are taught and modeled before the young.

P2KGenZ is designed to ensure that this becomes a reality. The Young Officer Corp (YOC) is positioned to bridge the gap between the “old and young” as we seek to connect both generations in the seamless and timeless pursuit of the presence of God.

The following are the major objectives of this arm of the ministry:

  • To develop an environment that fosters prayer among the nation’s young leaders
  • To highlight and become engage in prayer evangelism
  • To facilitate group prayer through the P2K I Sacrifice for Transformation (IST) Initiative
  • To create an environment for mediation and reflection
  • To implement aids to encourage structured, informed, strategic and precise praying
  • Enhance the youth in Compassion Evangelism through the Somebody Cares programme
  • To further the cause of prayer2000 through the I Sacrifice for Transformation Initiative

Revolving Target Areas of Prayer

  • Child abuse
  • Child Trafficking and Kidnapping
  • Child Prostitution
  • Sexual Perversion among the youth
  • Crime and violence among youth
  • Disobedience/ Rebellion involvement
  • Accelerated Spiritual Growth (ASG) for our youths

God promised to build a wall of fire around his people (Zech. 2:5) and this is achievable when we stir ourselves up to seek the Lord. The people who builds altars to the Lord will see and experience divine fire (Genesis 15:17-181 Kings 18: 31-38) and will become handlers of flames when we consistently bring a sacrifice to God.

It is time for us teach our young, how to build protective walls of fire around their lives, homes, communities schools and work places and nation.

The heavens are open; the pockets in the spirit realm are pregnant with unusual blessings and anointing. God is looking for fertile soil to deposit His treasure in. P2KGenZ needs to tap into the realm of the supernatural in a way we have never seen before. Deep repentance and deep intercession must happen in this season! Join us as we secure the future and destiny of our nation as we invest in the spiritual health of the Young Officer Corp (YOC).