P2K I Sacrifice for Transformation (IST) Initiative


Formation of 2000 IST giving and prayer cells compromised of persons committed to praying and fasting weekly for the transformation of Jamaica, as well as giving financially to support the mission of Prayer 2000.

P2k’s Vision:

Divine Transformation of Jamaica through strategic prayer and raising the awareness of, the need for, and the Level of Prayer throughout the Society in order to facilitate the Presence-Based Transformation and Revival of our Nation.

Historic Presence Based Transformation Results:

Recent documented examples of these are in Almolonga, Guatemala; Fiji; Cali, Columbia. The places that were transformed had populations which exceed that of Jamaica. Transformation results included reduction in crime rate; jails closed down; economic turnaround, greater agricultural produce, unity in church, family and society. Presence-based transformation brought about by prayer and revival means that Jamaica’s Vision 2030 can become a reality where, because of the wave of transformation in Jamaica, we will be the place of choice, to live work, raise families and do business.

Scriptural Underpinnings: 2 Chron. 7: 14 and Romans 12: 1-3

IST Explained:

The IST concept is simple and involves three things: meal, prayer and money. It is having at least one less meal or fasting a meal (e.g. a lunch meal), setting time to pray for the transformation of our nation and giving the equivalent value of that meal as a sacrificial offering to Prayer 2000. This offering will assist in meeting the budget of P2K as it performs its mission through prayer and compassion services. All three elements shall be part of the process for it to be in the spirit of the campaign; fasting the meal, praying and giving.

Benefits of IST

  1. Increased prayer for the nation
  2. Unity, Co-operation, and Relationship building in the body of Christ
  3. Personal spiritual growth
  4. Promotes health eating and self discipline
  5. Nation Building: Investment in the transformation of Jamaica
  6. Empowering P2K and Somebody cares to fulfil their vision
  7. Does not affect church’s regular budget or tithes
  8. God’s reward to those who give – His blessing on kingdom givers

How does it work?

  1. We are seeking to form 2000 IST groups who will commit to do sacrifice for at least one year at a time for the cause of transformation.
  2. Groups will consist of a number of individuals who will fast a meal, pray and give weekly or monthly for transformation.
  3. The type of fasting can be partial or full that is having a fruit/vegetable and water during the meal time, natural juice or drinking water only and praying.
  4. Each group is to be registered and a main contact person identified to collate and deliver gift.
  5. Groups are encouraged to meet once per month together and pray.
  6. P2K will email the prayer focus. This will be in 3 areas.
  7. It is voluntary and can be done by children, youth and adults alike who believe in the power of prayer and desire to see the Presence-based transforming revival of Jamaica.
  8. All gifts submitted should be marked IST and the givers identified unless they want to remain anonymous.
  9. Gifts can be taken to the P2K office, submitted electronically through Paypal or deposited at the bank where P2K has its account
  10. Proof of the gifts submitted should be communicated to P2K. The name of the group, the amount, and dated and labelled IST
  11. P2K will send thank you emails/ letters, receipts and monthly updates on the ministry
  12. Reminders and encouragement will be sent regularly